SBD Consulting is an independent consultant firm foinded by Mats Olofsson and Johanna Olson.
SBD Consulting’s objective is helping Swedish SME companies succeed in international markets. Or foreign companies to succeed in the Swedish market.
Focus areas are Strategy, Business Development and Marketing for Business-to-Business companies.
SBD Consulting is supported by a widespread of Swedish and international network.
Mats Olofsson has an extensive experience of international business in many countries and cultures. In particular from complex governmental procurement programs
  • Long international experience from the Aviation and Defence Industry with Swedish and International companies.
  • Have held various management positions (Business Development, Marketing and Sales). This has involved extensive contacts with different external and internal stakeholders. Very often in the public environment.
  • Have successfully managed major projects toward major corporation and government agencies in many countries and cultures.
  • Have experience from Mergers and Acquisitions and integration of acquired companies into existing organizations. As well as implementation of new organizations at major restructures.
  • Certified Board Director – The Swedish Academy of Board Directors
  • Commissioned Officer in the Swedish Navy 1980 – 1986. Active in the Reserve.
Johanna Olson has an extensive experience in both finance and science with a passion for communications and marketing.
  • Certified social media manager
  • Digital native, social media managing, employer branding, growth hacking, communications, scientific journalism
  • Experience of advising and helping both universities and companies in to the digital era
  • Experience of a decade in finance
  • Bachelor in molecular biology
  • Experience in mentorship programmes
Complete consultant profiles will be provided upon request.